sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Picture of Britney on set of her Hold It Against Me music video

I just Can´t waittt!!! did I mention I´m a Britney fan?

BreatheHeavy.com exclusively received (from a Calabasas reader) the call-sheet for Britney's music video shoot for her first single, Hold It Against Me, directed by Jonas Akerlund.

Video production is scheduled for Tomorrow, Saturday, January 22nd at 8 AM at 5555 Melrose Ave.

Dancers involved in the video are Chase Benz, Cassidy Noblett, Billy Bell, Ben Susak, Adrien Galo, Chaz Buzan, Darrell Bullock, Gilbert Saldivar, Judson Emery, Nick Lanzisera and Alison Kyler.

Despite reports claiming Shane and Falguni Peacock are the costume designers, B Akerlund is, with Renie Padora as the Key Costume Designer.

Project Runway's Phillip Carreon is the hairstylist.

The notice tells everyone they "NEED TO WEAR BLACK."

Today is a big day!

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