domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

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"Color Craft." by Andres Espinosa on "I can't tell u guys how happy it makes me getting to 20.000 hypes, I know it's nothing if u compare it to the guys in the top list but for me it means a lot, i'm the colombian with most hypes, and it makes me feel special, beside i'm proud of being latin, u don't see a lot of us in here (lookbook).

It's my small personal triumph, and despite I might never get to the interview or something like that, I'll try to keep posting looks for as long as I can, it's fun and yeah I like all of u a lot.

So, enough ass kissing and let's go to the point, mmm last look taken in bucaramanga (my vacations r over) it's a loooot to put in together but i kind of like it, and of course there is my red and blue colors n.n

I hope u like it!

Love xx


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